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Dominik Stahlberg, born 1977` in Hildesheim/Germany, work & live in Massa-Carrara/Italy

+contemporary artist , sculpture/objects/Installation


His works are mainly made out of marble combined with synthetic materials. The objects effect the sense as young, flashy and artificial  but you can divine the eternity of the stone behind the patina. The expression is radical and sarcastic, on the first view funny, but it keeps not away our tragic and sadness. His unconventional brazen and cheeky sculptures are fighting against a       narrow-minded and inhibited consciousness.

One material he uses, the marble, is not longer visible as stone after processing by the artist. The artist changes the identity of the stone with various colors and surfaces. The patina of the surface creates the impression that it is a synthetic material. The connection between stone and other materials is also an important aspect in his works. Apart the stone he works with different kinds of media, like wood, resin, collages, video and photographs. Beside his artistically expression he is involved in galleries, art projects and performances. 

Dominik works with socio cultural themes, sometimes autobiographical, to show our areas of life, without reproach...well, he recognized soon that art is not a mirror to reflect the world in, but a hammer with which to shape it !

Since august 2010 he is involved in the NO!art. This art-movement was founded in 1959 by the artists Boris Lurie, Sam Goodman and Stanley Fisher in New York. Since the 1960s  60 artists are involved.



finished successfully an education for sculptors in 2002-05 in Germany

scholarship for sculptors from the E.U. for Italy in 2005/6

auto didactic studies of arts, specially German/American sculpture after 1945

various exhibitions in Europe, participation in sculpture symposiums, organization of own projects/galleries




+art-project -Carrara Open Studio- , Carrara/Italy

+Int.  exhibition -The 7 Sins-(event IRA) , Ex Convento dei Francescani , Lecce/Italy


+Int.  exhibition -The 7 Sins-(event LUSSURIA) , Ex Convento dei Francescani , Lecce/Italy

+study travel to Jerusalem during Jan./Feb./Mar. , Israel

+ARTE POSTALE , Int. Mail Art Exhibition at Akademie der Kuenste , Germany/Berlin

+art-project -HOLE’S LOVERS- , residence & exhibition , Museo dell Arte Contemporanea in Cavalese/Italy

in collaboration with the MART (Rovereto/Italy)

+Kommissar Hjulers -Brotkatze- (Zusammenarbeiten) , Kunststueck Berlin , Berlin/Germany

+EXTRACT OF HOLE'S LOVERS' PROJECT , curated by Federica Giobbe , MOENA (TN)/Italy

+XVII edizione -Biennale della Pietra- Castel San Niccolo , Arezzo/Italy


+Int.  exhibition -The 7 Sins-(events SUPERBIA & AVARIZIA), Museum of Contemporary Art,

-Arcos- , Benevento/Italy

+Int.  exhibition -Miguel Hernandez- (edition 4/Art Center of Fuenlabrada) , Madrid/Spain

+Kommissar Hjulers -Brotkatze- (Niederungen und Eroberungen) , Gallery D.U. Design , Villach/Austria

+Art-Project - PIMP MY MARY II - , Senior Decorator , Carrara/Italy

+created the first -ReFLASHFUSION-

+Board Member of the Contemporary Art Gallery  -TOAST- , Carrara/Italy

+Kommissar Hjulers -Brotkatze- (Zusammenarbeiten) , FzKKE e.V. Euskirchen/Germany

+organization/participation in the event - Mediterraneo- , Carrara/Italy


+Int.  exhibition -The 7 Sins-(events INVIDIA & ACCIDIA) , Naples/Italy

+exhibition -Troy Art- , Museu Brasileiro da Escultura , Sao Paulo/Brazil

+Int.  exhibition -Miguel Hernandez- (editions 1 - 3), Madrid/Spain

+Int.  exhibition -UNA, NESSUNA, CENTOMILA ITALIE- , Naples/Italy

+exhibition -MAIL ART @ Bismarck-, Bismarck Museum , Bad Kissingen/Germany

+exhibition & project -Andante- , MACUF (Museum of Contemporary Art) , Coruna/Spain

+created the first -CRUXIAL-

+exhibition -Dreaming of Lucidity- curated by Charlotte Stein , Palazzo Zenobio , Venice/Italy


+exhibition -A PASSO CON L° ARTE- , Naples/Itay

+Int.  exhibition -START UP- , 3rd.edition , Verona/Italy

+Int.  exhibition -The 7 Sins- (event GOLA) , Naples/Italy

+Int.  exhibition -HUMAN RIGHTS?2010- , Rovereto/Italy          

+exhibition -FACE-ART- , Studio Iroko , Milan/Italy

+Premio Bice Bugatti -Giovanni Segantini- , Nova-Milanese/Italy

+Filetto art project , Villafranca/Italy

+exhibition -BoysBoysBoys- , Gallery Infantellina Contemporary , Berlin/Germany

+exhibition Torano Notte e Giorno- Il Cielo sopra Torano -/Italy

+involved artist of the -NO!art- , Berlin/Germany & New York City/U.S.A.


+7th. -Biennale Internazionale dell° Arte Contemporanea- , Florence/Italy

+Int.  exhibition -START UP- , 2nd.edition , Macerata/Italy

+exhibition -Pop Porn° Sex & Politics edition- , Rome/Italy

+created the first -PINOKEL-

+Int.  exhibition -HUMAN RIGHTS?- , Caserta/Italy


+3rd. Int. -Wax-Craft- sculpture symposium , Ubon Ratchathani/Thailand

+Int. exhibition -NEW TALENTS- , Gallery Noah , Augsburg/Germany   

+2nd. Int. sculpture symposium Cuidad Cipolletti , Patagonia/Argentina

+Int. prize-competition -Leonardo-Preis-, Augsburg/Germany


+idea , organization of the project -NO EXCUSE 3x3- , Antwerp/Belgium in collaboration with the U.N.E.S.C.O.

+17th. Int. sculpture symposium , Maalot-Tarshiha/Israel (Stone of the Galilee)

+exhibition Torano Notte e Giorno -OggittivaMente-/Italy

+exhibition -NO EXCUSE- , Antwerp/Belgium

+exhibition- Scultura per un Museo- , Montefiore Conca /Italy, 2nd. place

+exhibition -T-Artistica -, Fosdinovo/Italy

+Festival della Creativita- Il Salotto degli Artisti- , Florence/Italy


+exhibitions/events (sculpture, graffiti art and theatre) in the KulturFabrik, Hildesheim/Germany

+collaboration for the project -ARCA- , Carrara/Italy

+realization of the reproduction -Himmlische Stürze- for Wuppertal/Germany with Frank Breidenbruch/A.R.Penk

+8th. Int. sculpture symposium , Cavaion Veronese (Universo in Pietra)/Italy

+1st. Int. sculpture symposium , Tendola(Emigrazione)/Italy




Titles, Sales, Series and Projects you find  HERE->



Sculptures, Exhibitions, Projects and Documentation’s you find  HERE->



NO!art  , New York City/U.S.A. & Berlin/Germany

TOAST Gallery

TEKE Gallery Carrara



Franzmagazine  05/01/2013 /german ->

IL TIRRENO       14/12/2014 / italian ->



Spazio Tempo Arte , Verona/Italy 

Caserta City Art Collection , Caserta/Italy

Museum Montefiore-Conca , -La Giovane Scultura- , Rimini/Italy

NO!art  Collection , Berlin/Germany

Gallery Infantellina Contemporary , Berlin/Germany

Teke Gallery , Carrara/Italy



S. Gio Lupatoto    (I)        Sole, Luna e Stelle                        
Fosdinovo            (I)        Cacciatori di Felicita                     

Western Galilee   (Il)        Between the Beauty & the Beast     

Antwerp             (Be)       We are all under one red Sun          

Ubon Ratch.        (Th)      The 4 Steps                                  

Neuquen             (Ar)       Still me                                            

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IL CIELO SOPRA TORANO-Torano NotteEGiorno 2010
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