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-Dead of a smart bomb  - >

-Dead, Devil & new hope  - >

-Hey Girl ! Keep your smile on the Bologna Motor Show  - >

-United Amazons on the Bologna Motor Show  - >

-B-Things on the A-Line  - >

-Just fishing  - >

-15.4.2012  - >

-Jesus loves me  - >

-Way of Harmony  - >

-Western Weakling  - >

-One  - >

-Throw me out - the death forest  - >

-Stupid Little Me  - >

-Stars & Spikes  - >

-You never ever get it back  - >

-Dodo or Phoenix ?  - >

-Well done-Khao San !  - >

-Rocket Horror Pizza Show  - >

-Always fear-Always pain-Always love  - > @Caserta City Art-Collection/Italy

-Ihate - to be a Ger-man  - > @Dietmar Kirves , NO!art-Collection , Berlin/Germany

-P.O.O.P. - problem of other people  - > @Roberto Ronca , Spazio Tempo Arte-Collection/Italy

-Idream - RITALIN  - >  @Detlef Hjuler , Flensburg/Germany

-Risks of civilisation, human rights, the planet earth and new possibilities  - >

-World OFF Warcraft  - >

-Steven on the SuperHighWay of knowledge  - > @Associazione MeridiArte , Naples/Italy

-IHero  - >

-Art is War  - >

-Kaputt Mortum  - >

-She `s got the shot  - >

-Why the hell they never die ?!  - >


-Scarpe Diem  - > @Andante-Project , Spain

-Flaschen-Post-Monument  - > @Roland Halbritter , Bismarck-Mail-Art-Project/Germany

-Black Virgin  - > @Creativo EXP. for PIMP my Mary II , Carrara/Italy

-ART vs FRONTEX  - >

-Gut Verpackt  - > @Detlef Hjuler , Flensburg/Germany

-@ SPIRITO - >


-Just Around - Fucking Ground - >




 This kind of projects I do together with and for people, to react and influence directly the installations and be a part of it.


-The Bottlenecker  - >

-Dept-Eater  - > 



Kopie (2) von Kopie von blackpin

 The Pinokels are my own creation. With their big eyes and grimace-like faces they must pass difficult situations. Sometimes they act, sometimes they

 are like a ball on the playground, lost in tragedy. In founds, however, they are friendly but... Pinokels  likes very much cynicism and irony!


-Capt. Future  - >

-Problem Number One  - >

-Inertia vs Arte Povera  - >

-Fair Play vs The Holy Trinity  - > 

-Life is to short to wake up in the morning with regrets  - >

-How you can teach art to a goat ?!  - >

-Achtung Briefbombe !!  - > @Roland Halbritter , Bismarck-Mail-Art-Project/Germany

-Tabularasa  - > @private collection , Rome/Italyl

-Black Birthday  - > @Gallery Infantellina Contemporary , Berlin/Germany

-Volo dell`Angelo  - >

-Die Mut-Katze  - >   

-Kleiner Wixer! - >

-Trail One - >

-Ein Unerhoerter Gedanke - >

-Stupid Little Me II - >

-I Surf - >



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 The Cruxials are a series of sculptures based on the Pinokels (12+1 pieces at all) which becomes part of an installation planned for 2015/16.

 They show Jesus Christ who rises over pain and grief. Christianity was built up on love, charity and trust!


-The Solution 1.1 (prototype)  - >



Logo RFF

The ReFLASFUSIONS are 3-dimensional portraits of living people. I pour the photographs into synthetic resin to preserve them. The standard size is 31x20x3cm. During the working process, the photographs react with the resin, which is finished in an unique effect for each artwork. The “Reflashfused” persons look at you like out of a time capsule, deep-freezed, staring in your eyes. Capturing the moment is named photography. In this artwork the personality is captured. It is a soul-photo. The character is frozen in one moment. Relieved of the continuous change of moods and reactions it is just the moment of the pure soul. The soul of the moment which is put on ice in all its uniqueness.  The soul-moment is captured and irretrievably wrested out of the time.  The art work is changing by the perspective, the view and the mood of the observer. This unfreezes again the moment and brings back the dynamic of change ; but now  in a subjective way of the viewer and not of the observed. By moving and involving himself mentally and physical the spectator can be able to see the dimensionalities of the soul. The viewer is hereby the subject who gives back the movement to the frozen and he can reflect himself or combine fragments. Topics such as "The Family", "Disappointments", "Hands" and more are being planned. The concept is made for running a lot of years, like a portrait series which allows commissions, reflections and other expressions.

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