The ReFLASHFUSIONS are 3-dimensional portraits of living people. I pour the photographs into synthetic resin to preserve them. The standard size is 31x20x3cm. During the working process, the photographs react with the resin, which is finished in an unique effect for each artwork. The “reflashfused” persons look at you like out of a time capsule, deep-freezed, staring in your eyes. Capturing the moment is named photography. In this artwork the personality is captured. It is a soul-photo. The character is frozen in one moment. Relieved of the continuous change of moods and reactions it is just the moment of the pure soul. The soul of the moment which is put on ice in all its uniqueness. The soul-moment is captured and irretrievably wrested out of the time. The art work is changing by the perspective, the view and the mood of the observer. This unfreezes again the moment and brings back the dynamic of change ; but now  in a subjective way of the viewer and not of the observed.  By moving and involving himself mentally and physical the spectator can be able to see the dimensionalities of the soul. The viewer is hereby the subject who gives back the movement to the frozen and he can reflect himself or combine fragments. Topics such as "The Family", "Disappointments", "Hands" and more are being planned. The concept is made for running a lot of years, like a portrait series which allows commissions, reflections and other expressions.

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This project collects personalities all around art, like sculptors, painters, curators and collectors. The finished serie contains 28x4 portraits. The installation will be presented in a cube structure of 5.00m. x 5.00m. illuminated from inside. A programmed illumination of the individual pieces in a specially composed sequence is provided.

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Rff-show preview (2) Rff-show preview (3) Susanne Paucker - ReFLASHFUSED